Simplicity S100 Canister and Car Vacuum Cleaner | Handheld | Charcoal Filter | Crevice Tool and More

Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Simplicity S100 Canister and Car Vacuum Cleaner | Handheld | Charcoal Filter | Crevice Tool and More Review

Car Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaning in the vehicle will not be pleasant, but a low quality vacuum cannot stop the process. If you have trouble getting into your car right away, be cursed if you no longer have a chord or get dirty because of bad taste. Fortunately, there are some great job openings for cars on the market today. The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner offers strong, easy to use suction and can penetrate tight cracks into your car.


At just 4.5 pounds by 25 feet, you’ll be amazed at your cleaning skills! This compact canister bag makes a great travel vacuum. It comes with built-in storage, easy-to-hold handles and ropes that allow you to throw it over your shoulders and master it!


The S100 is ideal for exposed floors such as hardwood, laminate, bamboo, tile and vinyl. Lightweight nozzles and strong, adjustable suction sports. Just flip the switch on top of the floor nozzle, and adjustable height makes it perfect for a wide cloth! Not one, but two sticks were inserted to reach it, making the ceiling fan easy to operate! One year warranty included.


Seated on the right board, the S100 has a slit, brush with natural wool, soft, adjustable corner adapter and coating. BUT SOMETHING! Also included is a seven-piece mini tool set. They are perfect for cleaning cars and cleaning things like stairs, vents, desks and even your computer keyboard. Can you request more accessories?


Eliminate odors and VOCs that help reduce pollutants in the air as you absorb dust in your home, apartment, car, camper or RV.


As an added bonus, the S100 comes with a blower port that makes things like blowing air mats or air blow toys easier than ever! And hey – you can also use it on your deck to blow up fallen leaves!

Long Cord – 25ft
Take it anywhere there’s an outlet for convenient and quick cleaning. Does your car need a quick pick me up? What about your family’s camper? The 25-foot cord gives you plenty of cleaning reach.

Charcoal Filter
The S100 comes equipped with a charcoal filter which is great for aiding to remove unwanted odors like smoke, fumes, animal odors and VOCs that are contained in common household products.

Safe on Bare Floors
The S100 is gentle making it safe to use on all bare floor types including but not limited to: ceramic, porcelain, tile, hardwood, bamboo, laminate, vinyl and linoleum.

Blower Port
Attach the hose to the exhaust of the S100 and the canister blows air instead of sucking it in. This is perfect for things like inflating pool toys or blowing leaves off your indoor porch.

Adjustable Height
When moving from bare floor to carpet or rug, just flip the lifted switch on nozzle. The nozzle will then be equipped with bristles that will tackle dirt and whatever else is hiding in your carpet.

Upholstery Brush, Extendable Wands and Angle Adapter, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush

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